Vineyards in the Tauber Valley near Röttingen

The little Franconian town, which is over 900 years old, is one of the pearls on the Romantic Road and a state-approved resort. It nestles on the Tauber river and is surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. Röttingen has preserved its historic city center. It is surrounded by a medieval city wall with 7 defense towers.

Beautiful half-timbered houses and the baroque town hall characterize the image of the old town. The sundial path, on which 25 original timepieces are set up, is unique. The Frankenfestspiele Röttingen has been taking place as an open-air theater since 1984 against the picturesque backdrop of Brattenstein Castle.

Burg Brattenstein

The legendary castle looks back on a long, eventful history. The oldest buildings date from the 12th and 13th centuries. The castle was the seat of various noble families for centuries. Today it is owned by the city, houses the Röttinger Wine Museum and is the venue for the Franconian Festival, which invites you to theater and wine enjoyment in the midst of historic parts of the castle and the award-winning new east wing. Its city balcony invites you to a wonderful view over Röttingen.

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Röttingen on the Romantic Road

A sunny October Sunday in the Tauber Valley. The vineyards around the town of Röttingen shine in beguiling colors. We hike a few kilometers on the long-distance hiking trail "Romantic Road". Coming from Creglingen we enjoy the beautiful view over the Tauber Valley to the vineyards opposite.

We cross the historic site, past the town hall and castle complex, and climb up to the museum vineyard. Here you can experience a vineyard landscape as it may have looked centuries ago. On the nearby Stoodblick we rest with fruit and grape juice and enjoy the fantastic view.

The museum vineyard in the Roettinger Feuerstein site documents the development of viticulture up to the 1950s on an area of 1,800 square meters on three plots. It is equipped with different ungrafted grape varieties. Reading stone slides, vineyard cottages, dry stone walls and a wayside shrine of St. Urban, the patron saint of winegrowers, show a vineyard landscape as it may have looked centuries ago. The museum vineyard is cultivated by hand without the use of pesticides. It is a habitat and retreat for endangered fauna and flora.

The Stoodblick is an idyllic resting place with a beautiful view of the old town of Röttingen. Furnished with lovingly designed benches and tables created by local wood saw artists.

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  1. Mike

    Das Weinmuseum lohnt sich! Sehr interessant für alle Weinliebhaber.

  2. Tabea

    Als ich im letzten Urlaub dort war, bin ich mit meiner Familie den Sonnenuhrenweg entlang gewandert. Meinen Kindern haben die 25 Zeitmesser sehr gefallen. Und wir haben ihnen erklärt, wie man damit die Zeit ablesen kann.

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