Join us on the Romantic Road

Transport and sustainability

Be carefree and environmentally friendly on the road

Transport and sustainability are very important to us. That is why the Romantic Road was planned in such a way that you can travel and discover it in many different ways. Of course you can drive from place to place. But you also have other options that allow you to experience the beauties of the route even more intensely. The slow movement, for example by cycling or hiking, opens up completely new impressions of the country and its people. The ride on the Romantic Road Bus is also a great shared experience.

All these modes of transport have the advantage that they are much more environmentally friendly than car traffic. When cycling and hiking, no environmental toxins are produced at all and even when taking the bus, the environmental balance is much better than with private transport.

Regional dishes from the kitchen and cellar

And there is one more thing you should definitely keep in mind. There are many hotels, and inns along the route that put regional food on plates and in glasses. The culinary offer ranges from homemade sausages and specially made cheese to organically grown vegetables and fruit from meadow orchards, from wines from the vineyard next door and beer from small regional breweries. If you eat and drink these delicacies, you are doing something good for the environment and not least for yourself.

The Romantic Road Bus

When the Romantic Road started more than 70 years ago, there were only a few private motor vehicles in Germany. Instead of driving by car, people rode bicycles, mopeds or motorbikes.
For longer distances, the train or bus was the means of transport of choice. For this reason, the initiators of the Romantic Road thought about how tourists could be transported in the most comfortable way. The choice fell on the coach, the Romantic Road Bus was put on the route. In the first years after 1950, it was primarily used by Americans who were stationed in Germany. But gradually the bus became the means of travel for German and foreign visitors. In the years from 1950 to the present, hundreds of thousands of travelers have been transported on the route between Würzburg and Füssen.

The Romantic Road bus still runs today, bringing visitors from all over the world to the historic cities and through the wonderful landscapes along the Romantic Road. The rides are community experiences. The bus driver is not just the driver of a car, he is an entertainer and answerer of questions in one person.

And last but not least, traveling by bus is much more environmentally friendly than driving your own car. The link will take you to the Romantic Road Bus website. Here you can find out everything you need to know about this topic.

Radfernweg Romantische Straße

The varied and unique cycle tour from Würzburg to Füssen does not require the trained calves of professional cyclists. Even if some inclines have to be overcome - no mountains have to be crossed. Longer, steeper climbs await only in the Pfaffenwinkel, which can also be mastered easily by less well-trained cyclists. However, the cyclist should be prepared for different soil conditions. The Romantic Road cycle path is not intended so much for professional cyclists on racing machines, but for pleasure cyclists who want to experience and get to know the landscape, cities and their inhabitants.

The level of difficulty of the route is classified as easy. The total length is about 500 kilometers. The long-distance cycle path runs parallel to the Romantic Road on side roads with little traffic, local roads, land consolidation and forest paths and is signposted throughout in accordance with ADFC guidelines. Sections are ideal for short-term travelers and weekend tourists. In addition to classic cycling, the landscape between Würzburg and Füssen offers beautiful routes for mountain biking.

Long-distance hiking trail Romantic Road

The long-distance hiking trail Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen is about 500 km long. It is signposted throughout and crosses atmospheric, varied cultural landscapes and picturesque towns, markets and villages with their very own, historical and listed town centres. The path accompanies the Romantic Road, but leads along almost the entire route over forest and field paths and small, low-traffic, field access roads. In the cities, it touches the historic old town centers and lets hikers take part in the individual flair and everyday life of the residents.

Hiking without a stop – that is an unforgivable mistake on the Romantic Road pleasure route. A break in a village inn often turns into a culinary highlight. Feasting on hearty regional dishes, a glass of Franconian wine in front of you or a beer from a small regional brewery - such a stop will leave a lasting memory. The typical dishes of Franconia, Swabia and Upper Bavaria are served in the inns along the way.