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Festivals & Events

There are festivals and events on the Romantic Road all year round. These are, for example, historical festivals such as the Meistertrunk in Rothenburg o.d.T. or the Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl.

Church consecration, spring and autumn festivals are celebrated in every member town. Traditional fairs exude the atmosphere and flair of days gone by.

In the Main Franconian and on the Tauber, guests from near and far enjoy their glass of Silvaner at convivial, boozy wine festivals.

Music events of all genres are offered in many places along the Romantic Road. In Würzburg, the stylish Mozart festival is celebrated in the prince-bishop's residence. In Rothenburg o.d.T. the Taubertal Festival and in Dinkelsbühl the Summer Breeze Open Air inspire a young audience. Every year in Augsburg the whole city celebrates the Hohe Friedensfest and Füssen organizes the Kaisersaal concerts in the St. Mang monastery.

One should not forget the romantic Christmas markets that take place in almost every town during the Advent season.

All this is just a tiny part of the wide range of festivals and events. You can find much more information on this topic in the brochure "Veranstaltungen“, which is published by the working group Romantic Road. We also want to whet your appetite in the following video. Celebrate with us!

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