Der romantischestrasse-reiseblog zeigt ein junges Paar, das vor der Kulisse von Rothenburg ein Selfie macht

Romantic Road - from river Main to the alps

In the romantic road travel blog we show you the beauties of this unique holiday road

This route is unique and is ideal for a romantic road travel blog. It is the oldest and best-known holiday route in Germany. The journey on the Romantic Road is an alternative to the soulless drive on the highways of our time. It doesn't tempt you into a speed frenzy. On the contrary – it invites you to slow down and enjoy travel with all your senses. Its 460 kilometers of route lined up like a string of pearls from one peak to the next.

We not only present the impressive landscapes between Würzburg am Main and Füssen on the edge of the Alps in the romantic road travel blog. The many towns and villages worth seeing, many with a centuries-old history and the countless encounters with art, culture and last but not least with the local people and their customs will bring real moments of happiness to the traveling connoisseur. Enjoy reading and discovering the romantic road travel blog.

Entdecke Natur und Landschaft an der Romantischen Straße.
Nature & Landscapes
Wertheim ist eine historische Stadt an der Mündung der Tauber in den Main.
Das Rieskratermuseum in Nördlingen zeigt in seiner Ausstellung die Bedeutung des Meteoriteneinschlags und die Entstehung des Ries.
Customs & Culture
Hospitality & Culinary
Leisure & Sports
Cycling & Hiking
Festivals & Events
People & Professions

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