Schongau and Steingaden – on the way with the audio guide

Exciting and entertaining stories
from Schongau and Steingaden

The Pfaffenwinkl villages of Schongau and Steingaden are breaking new ground. They developed innovative apps that accompany their visitors in an entertaining and informative way.


All audio contributions are very lively and cheerful. They are of course suitable for on-site tours, but also to get you in the mood for a planned trip to Schongau and Steingaden and to the Pfaffenwinkel.


The Schongau contributions by the well-known author Oliver Pötzsch tell stories about the executioner Kuisl, who carried out his bloody trade in the 16th century.


Incidentally and of course fully intentionally, important buildings in Schongau's old town are presented in ten stories and linked to historical events.

Steingaden presents four interactive themed trails in a mixed reality guide. The listeners are taken to special places and learn exciting things about the monastery history of Steingaden, the Wieskirche and the Brettleweg.


Scan the QR codes and you can look forward to ten exciting stories.

With Oliver Pötzsch on the trail of the hangman's daughter in Schongau

In the new audio guide "In the footsteps of the hangman's daughter through Schongau" you can hear bestselling author Oliver Pötzsch, who is out and about in the old town of Schongau. It takes you to 10 stations in the hangman's daughter saga and gives a fascinating insight into the events of the historical novel and the history of Schongau.


Oliver Pötzsch describes the scenes associated with Schongau in a vivid and exciting way. During the tour, the listeners learn more details about the life of the executioner family in a dramatic time.


Veronika Rüfer and Valentin Schmitt accompany the stations musically.

Duration of the tour: approx. 1.5 hours

We hope you enjoy this entertaining tour.

Another tip: Download the free “Pfaffenwinkel Tours” app from your app store onto your smartphone and let it guide you through the old town of Schongau.

Interactive theme trails

Explore Steingaden on the four new interactive themed trails with Locandy's Mixed Reality Guide. You will be taken to special places and learn exciting things about the history of the monastery in Steingaden, the Brettleweg and the Wieskirche.

The four themes of the Reality Guide:

Culture Guide Wieskirche
Find out exciting things about the Wieskirche, the miracle of the Wiesheiland and the pilgrimage from Dominikus Zimmermann, the builder of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Culture Guide Steingaden
Duke Welf VI will guide you through the former monastery village and tell you interesting things about the history of the Welfenmünster and the former Steingaden monastery.


Steingaden monastery adventure: "The hunt for the Guelph sword"
In the exciting adventure game, you help Welf VI and the founding abbot Anselm to recover the Welf sword that was stolen from the crypt. You track the thieves through the former monastery complex and, by solving tricky puzzles, you can bring Duke Welf VI back his Damascus sword. You will also learn interesting facts about the history of the monastery village and the Welfenmünster from Abbot Anselm at the various stations.


Nature audio play experience Brettleweg for families: "The poacher on the Brettleweg"
Embark on a unique and adventurous journey of discovery along the Brettleweg. Immerse yourself in a fictional story, help your friends Nici and Jan catch the poacher. Solve the various tasks and tricky puzzles and learn exciting things about animals, forests, water and moors.


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  1. Frank Stegemann

    Cool, das klingt sehr unterhaltsam. Besonders gespannt bin auf die Wilderer am Brettlesweg:-)

  2. Marie

    Der Audioguide in Schongau ist der Hammer! Tolle Geschichte, die sogar das Interesse von meinen Kindern (8 und 11) geweckt hat. Die Infos kommen dabei aber trotzdem nicht zu kurz, denn man erfährt sehr viel über die damalige Zeit. Die Dauer des Rundgangs ist auch angemessen, weder zu lang, noch zu kurz. Steingaden ist dann unser nächstes Ziel, wir hoffen, dass der Guide da auch so unterhaltsam ist.

  3. Köksal

    Das freut uns zu hören! Die Geschichte der Schongauer Hexen geht tatsächlich voll unter die Haut und bleibt vermutlich auch in Erinnerung! Wir wünschen viel Spaß in Steingaden und schöne Osterferien! Es grüßt Köksal aus dem Romantischen Straße Bus in Weikersheim

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