Bad Mergentheim – spa on the Romantic Road

Foto: Holger Schmitt

Health is part of the nature of Bad Mergentheim. As one of the largest spa and health resorts in Baden-Württemberg, Bad Mergentheim is probably one of the healthiest places along the Romantic Road - and therefore the perfect place to combine romance with wellness.

But let's start in turn at the market square with a small tour through the charming old town of Bad Mergentheim.

Foto: Holger Schmitt
Foto: Social Artwork

The flair of the health city is closely intertwined with the history of the Teutonic Order. For almost three centuries - until 1809 - the castle was the residence of the Grand and German Masters and for a long time also the seat of the Teutonic Order. Today's town hall, which was built in 1564 by the Grand Master and German Master Wolfgang Schutzbar, is a testament to this era. Together with the stately half-timbered houses of the wealthy officials of the Teutonic Order, it still characterizes the market square today.

Minster St. Johannes Baptist

The Minster St. Johannes Baptist is only a few steps away from the market square. The valuable cathedral treasury shows many valuable sacred art objects and testimonies from the late Gothic period to the present day. The gold and silver works of important Franconian and Augsburg masters are outstanding.

Foto: Holger Schmitt

Residence Palace Mergentheim

If you stroll down Burgstrasse from the market square, you are headed straight for the most impressive relic from the time of the Teutonic Order:

For centuries, the Mergentheim Residence Palace has towered above the cityscape. The castle was once the residence of the Grand and German Masters and thus the headquarters of the order's government. Today it houses, among other things, the Teutonic Order Museum, where you can experience the history of Bad Mergentheim and the Teutonic Order up close. But also numerous princely living quarters of the baroque, rococo and classicism can be visited.

in the Deutschordenschloss
Picture room
in the new princely apartment in the Deutschordensmuseum
Bad Mergentheim.
The Eck`sche Chapel at the Minster
St. Johannes
- the ideal setting for the cathedral treasure

Fotos von Holger Schmidt

"A little town is blooming in the Taubergrund, I praise it every hour, it's such a fine place to live there!" Eduard Mörike also liked Bad Mergentheim, where he lived and married for seven years. He wrote a number of important works in his adopted home town of Mergentheim. The Mörike cabinet in the Mergentheim residence commemorates the poet's stay in Tauberstadt (1844-51) and shows many of these works as first editions. The most unusual exhibit is a household book in which the most important representative of the Swabian Biedermeier recorded his expenses and decorated them with numerous sketches that give an impressive insight into the life of the poet.

The Palace and Spa Garden of Bad Mergentheim

Through the castle park we continue to the Kurpark Bad Mergentheim. The adjoining castle and spa park shows seas of blossoms and fragrant gardens on a total of 134,000 square meters.
Between the chirping of birds and mighty trees, there is a lot to discover in one of the ten most beautiful parks in Germany - from the exotic Japanese garden to filigree buildings that exude the charm of a glorious era, to the graduation pavilion, where the only bathing spring in Bad Mergentheim provides a soothing sea breeze . Afterwards, you can tap your feet in the concert shell to the lively tones of the Hungarica Spa and Salon Orchestra, enjoy a piece of cake in the enchanting rotunda of the Café "Amadeus" and in the evening be intoxicated by the dance of light and music at the Bad Mergentheim trick fountains.

Foto: Holger Schmitt
Foto: Holger Schmitt
Foto: Social Artwork

Foto: Björn-Hänssler


Of course, modern wellness offers round off the traditional feel-good ambience of the health city. Early risers admire the sunrise with Qigong in the Kurpark or let their soul dangle during the day in the Solymar Therme - whether weightlessly in the vitality and brine bath, sweating wonderfully in the sauna area, which has been awarded 5 stars by the German Sauna Association, or cheering on the spectacular slides in the sports and family bathroom.


The holiday and health town of Bad Mergentheim is known far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg as a destination for decelerating body, mind and soul and medical expertise.

Nature experience Bad Mergentheim

In order to recharge your batteries even more, the nature around Bad Mergentheim offers a huge open-air wellness area: The location in the middle of the beautiful Tauber Valley with its gentle shapes, the pretty views of vineyards, forests and meadows and the romantic atmosphere on the idyllic river is perfect for those who enjoy themselves Hiking and cycling tours. It is not for nothing that Bad Mergentheim is located directly on the "Panorama Hiking Trail" and the long-distance hiking trail Romantic Road. If you don't want to walk that far, you will find worthwhile destinations in the area: for example the world-famous Grünewald-Madonna in the district of Stuppach or the beautiful vineyards above Markelsheim. Cyclists can exhaust themselves on sporty climbs, go on day trips to dilapidated moated castles and magnificent mansions or indulge in culture - from the Celts to sacred art.


The Wildpark Bad Mergentheim offers a nature experience of a special kind. Here visitors can get close to the animals – very close, in fact. Instead of fences, it's "back to nature", with barely perceptible boundaries between people and bears, elks and Co. The trip becomes a unique adventure with potential for goosebumps at the latest when you come face to face with what is probably the largest pack of wolves in Europe. And as soon as the howling of the wolf rises above the adjacent forests, you can really feel the lust for life in Bad Mergentheim.


Große Kreisstadt Bad Mergentheim


Marktplatz  1
97980 Bad Mergentheim

Telefon: +49 (0) 7931  57-4817


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